Chengdu Fashion #1

Hi and 您好!

More than Paris, New York, and London, Chengdu deserves its' very own FASHION BLOG. Or at least some blog items tailored to its’ finest and worst in dressing habits.

Not because it’s funny. Chengdu is bigger than that, it’s huge.

Also; Nowhere on this planet, people are trying harder to be adorable, revolting, sexy, NWA or just extremely gay. Whether it’s a quiet day at the office or a loud night in a club, the 14 million inhabitants of Chengdu take pride in taking that extra step. Or preferably steps.

Chengdu is a fairly isolated city in China. Huge but not the first Chinese city you think of when you want some context for your dressing habits. Strangely enough there is a very obvious reason why Chengdu challenges other cities in being more outspoken.


The people in Chengdu have the “honor” of living amongst the cutest animals of this world. As far as appearances get you anything, the panda has made an art out of exploiting its’ black and white bulky body. 14 million Chinese people versus 200 panda’s, and the people are still miles behind the panda’s.

Hence; Extra steps of the Chengdu inhabitants will be documented here. I have included a mood board on the right just so you know we’re looking at.