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About Us

Mister Three is a creative agency that creates, always, art and fashion. Never art or fashion.

Mister Three is best described as a collaborative platform of individual creative experts. Mister Three has many different backgrounds and specialties like graphic design, typography, fashion, merchandising, web design and live art. Mister Three believes that this diversity is the best way to create a tailored across-the-board answer. For whatever question you might have. Ever.

Mister Three created visuals for artists like Juanes and Marco Borsato, designed clothing for Nike and Rollerblade, and launched his own blog and magazine named Monday Inspiration. This is where we begin.

Our clients

Nike, SHOOTTHEARTIST (Juanes and Marco Borsato), Rollerblade, NOW&WOW, TodaysART, Jantje Beton, HUB Footwear, EKKO, Flamingo Recordings.

What we do